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   Rebel against your limiting beliefs

                      WITH  KAREN RAYMOND

Group Programs

I Like Big Buts and I Cannot Lie (because they reveal where my limiting beliefs are and then I can be become aware of and learn how to clear them): You will bring to this workshop a goal that you are struggling to reach. In a two hour workshop of a maximum of 5 people, we will explore the blocks to reaching your goal and how to start dismantling them using EFT/Tapping. Contact me for details.

Vision Board Reboot: In this workshop we dust off our vision boards (c'mon, I know you have one!) In a two hour workshop, we'll revisit our visions, determine if they are still aligning for us and using EFT/Tapping, we will examine/start to clear the blocks we have put in place to prevent our visions from coming to fruition. Contact me for details.

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